HydroColon Cleansing

Your Body: The House You Live In
Your body is like a house that you live in. A home needs repairs once in a while, such as fixing a leaky faucet or clogged plumbing. Your living house (your body), also needs regular attention. Every function and activity in your body (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual) is dependent upon the attention that you give it.

Benefits of Colonics

The elimination of undigested or fermented food and other waste products is as important as the proper digestion and assimilation of food.

Benefits of Hydro-Colon Cleansing:

• Increases circulation and cardiovascular efficiency
• Aids the liver in cleansing the blood
• Eliminates gas
• Helps calm the nervous system
• Promotes healing of the colon
• Cleanses the intestines
• Increases elimination through bowels and kidneys


1 session $80.00
3 sessions $200.00
5 sessions $340.00

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the colon?

The colon is the final part of the digestive tract, extending from the cecum to the anus. It is about 6 feet long and has an average diameter of 2.5 inches. The inner lining of the colon is equipped with sensitive nerves and glands that aid in the assimilation of food, especially vitamins, minerals and water. These glands also help to eliminate body wastes from the system. In the presence of healthy intestinal bacteria, certain vitamins are made and then absorbed.

What is a colonic?

A colonic gently cleanses and exercises the colon by filling and emptying the colon with warm and cool water, alternately. During your colon irrigation, a trained technician skillfully massages your abdomen for the best results. Colonics remove waste matter from the entire 6 feet of colon, from rectum to cecum.

What is the difference between a colonic and an enema?

An enema (using 2 quarts of water) usually flushes out only the lower end of the colon the sigmoid colon, where waste matter collects. A colonic flushes water throughout the entire colon, from rectum to cecum. Colonic action can soften years of dried, hardened waste matter lining the colon, and can remove gas, mucus, intestinal parasites and undigested food particles. Massage of the abdomen during the colonic and varied water temperatures improve the peristaltic (wavelike) motion of the colon and enhances the vascular and lymphatic circulation.

Do I need colonics?

Is stress a factor in your life? Stress and unnatural substances can wreak havoc on the sensitive colon. Colonics are for everyone!

How many colonics do I need?

A famous colon researcher, Dr. Walker has stated that a series of approximately 15 colonics can rebuild and rejuvenate the bowel and detoxify the body (to be followed, of course, by a healthy diet and proper living habits).

Although many clients report a big improvement in how they feel after just one colonic, the usual comment is “That wasn’t at all what I imagined” and they look forward to their next one!

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