UV Tanning Bed

Look great all year round with our UV tanning bed.  Get an even natural looking tan and feel great about the way you look. Only 5-8 minutes per session recommended.


Membership: $29 per month (Unlimited use)
Single Session Non-Members: $15 per use

Benefits of using the UV Tanning Bed

Conceals Scars and Reduces Acne

Tanning can reduce the appearance of scars by blending shades and darkening the color of the actual scar. Gradual tanning can even skin tone and make scars and other marks less noticeable.

Saves Time

Tanning in the sun may take hours while using a tanning bed only takes minutes. We recommend starting with a 5 minute or less session if you are new to UV tanning. You can gradually build up your tan with subsequent sessions. We recommend a max range of 5-7 minutes per session.

Kind Words from Clients...

  • I had a body scrub and it was Amazing!!! I will definitely be back. I can’t wait for a massage next

    Jessica Ann
  • Cecily is the best! I only book appointments with her. She does ana amazing wax job and she gives great relaxing massages.

    Diana Lăcrămioara
  • I’ve been a member for over 5 years and have always had a good session when I visit. Wish I could afford to go every week!

    Lisa Eckersley
  • Had my appointment for a Swedish massage with Joyce I try and see her once a month her hands are magical.. Work as well as life can be stressful .. She helps make the stress go away!

    Arlene Castilla
  • Sicily was an amazing therapist ! My hot stone massage was wonderful.

    Melissa Scotti